How to nominate a trainer

Updated Friday June 12, 2015 by Michael DeCola.

Nominating Trainers:  Coaches can nominate trainers to the "Recommended Trainer List" through the following process:
1.  Nomination:   The coach submits the trainer resume as well as a letter of recommendation to the Development Committee.

2.  Evaluation / Interviews:     Nominations must be reviewed by the Development Committee at the next monthly meeting after submission. Expedited reviews can be requested. 

  • Evaluations are intended to add a level of coaching peer-review and feedback for the nominating coach.
  • Interviews are an opportunity for the Development committee to meet new trainers and to understand their philosophies.
  • The RSL development committee will recommend for, or against, a trainer. If the committee recommends against a trainer, the committee must provide reasons in written form to the nominating coach, with copy to the League President and Secretary. Dissenting opinions should also be filed.  Accepted trainers will simply be added to the "Recommended Trainer List."